The Bruin Guardian Scholars (BGS) Program was created in 2008 by UCLA and student advocates to help address the unmet needs of the current and former foster youth at UCLA. The Guardian Scholars Program was designed to assist former foster youth, focusing on support services for undergraduate and graduate students.  Program eligibility requires that UCLA students have a history in foster care, kinship care or a guardianship placement. The Guardian Scholars Program may offer financial assistance if the student qualifies. Additionally, this program guarantees a welcoming community for its members and primarily focuses on building a community with peers who have faced similar challenges in life. The UCLA Guardian Scholars Program promotes the academic success and well-being of current and former foster youth at UCLA by developing meaningful relationships with the BGS students, and by building partnerships with the UCLA community. We cultivate relationships with external networks and enhance students’ academic achievement. Ultimately, we provide BGS students with tools that promote self-sufficiency and prepare them for a successful transition from college to career.